About company

For 17 years, TM Pripravka is a token of naturalness, a sign of new tastes and a symbol of new recipes.

▪ TM Pripravka is the first trademark in Ukraine that began to produce natural seasonings without glutamate, taste enhancers, flavoring, coloring  and preservation agents.

▪ TM Pripravka was the first company that created the seasoning without salt – the Exclusive collection of natural seasonings.

▪ TM Pripravka was the first company that involved the famous chef, owner of the World Master Chef title, in developing unforgettable blends of the Culinary Masterpiece series of seasonings.

▪ TM Pripravka is the first company that offered to Ukrainians the possibility to try recipes for marinating meat using juices and spice mixes, having created the Just Add Juice series of natural seasonings.

Products are exported to 12 countries of the world.

The company is included in TOP-5 importers of spices in Ukraine.

All products are produced in Ukraine


TM Pripravka guarantees high quality and food safety of the product:

The quality of raw materials and finished products meet Ukrainian and international food safety standards.

Systematic microbiological control of spices is performed in accredited laboratories.

All purchased raw materials are additionally tested in state laboratories for compliance with the specifications and parameters specified in contracts and agreements with suppliers. This helps to avoid non-compliance of quality of raw materials specified during the negotiation process with quality of actually received.

TM Pripravka is a brand with a high recognizability, it is represented in all the largest international, national and regional trade networks of Ukraine and Moldova.

TM Pripravka takes the second place by the share of the Ukraine market of spices (in kind and in money terms) creating a worthy competition to international companies. In the segment of natural seasonings (without taste enhancers, flavoring agents).

TM Pripravka is the absolute leader on the Ukrainian market.